Arno & Iris have an open-minded view on art that makes them fairly unique as artists and designers. Art is often seen as something to be stuck in a frame or locked away in a vault. Arno & Iris see things differently. They prefer to place their art in public spaces, beautifying and visually enriching the shared surroundings, even when working with a limited budget. This is why their projects are often collaborations with people from a variety of fields, and why they can count on a flourishing network of dedicated specialists.

Arno & Iris have a “complete” approach to design: their aim with every commission is to design as many elements of the complete work as possible, from façade to doorknobs. The breadth of their collaborations and richness of their experience has earned them a wide network of specialists. Their primary role as artists is to challenge everyone involved, including their audience, to discover fresh insights and find new ways of seeing and doing.
Never known for playing the aloof artist, Arno & Iris always throw themselves into every project with a healthy dose of wilfulness. They’re never afraid to meddle, get their hands dirty and let whatever is happening in their lives or in the world at large influence their art. There’s a good reason for this: their art aims to reflect society in all its contrasts, from the burqa-wearing girls to ladies who lunch, neighbourhood youths to public intellectuals. At the core of their thinking is the idea that everyone is unique, but at the same time we are not as different as we are often led to believe.
Arno & Iris see themselves not as much as products of the autonomous art world, but rather as products of society. Consequently, they’re not afraid to rely on the network of society itself for support, rather than depend on the “safety” of the art economy and operate within the closed system of the art academy, gallery, collectors, art fairs and museums.
Arno & Iris have refused the constrictions of labels and pigeonholes, such as autonomous artist, animation artist, computer artist, or glass and ceramics artist. In so doing they have confronted many issues considered taboo or controversial among artists and within the conventional art world, such as whether art is allowed to be decorative, the role of narrative in art, whether something can still be considered art if it’s overtly commercial, or popular. And this is how they have managed to maintain an honest, open approach through the years, without ever compromising on depth or ambition. Do-It-Yourself evolved into Do-It-Together, and with that principle they created a well of goodwill among a wide network of partners.


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  • Markthal

  • Beurspassage

  • Waddenzeestraat Den Helder

    Waddenzeestraat Den Helder
  • The World is Yours

    The World is Yours
  • Eyeku pitch

    Eyeku pitch
  • Rebelz

  • Hema Back to Oldskool

    Hema Back to Oldskool
  • 2 Brüder von Venlo

    2 Brüder von Venlo
  • Raaf

  • Virtual Fairytale

    Virtual Fairytale
  • The only way is up

    The only way is up
  • Hotel not hotel

    Hotel not hotel
  • Oud-West, Thuis Best

    Oud-West, Thuis Best
  • Worm Terras

    Worm Terras
  • Toiletten Worm

    Toiletten Worm
  • Belastingdienst

  • Sparks of inspiration

    Sparks of inspiration
  • Heerleheide

  • Lady Justice

    Lady Justice
  • Virtual Fairytale 2.0

    Virtual Fairytale 2.0
  • Knowledge is Freedom

    Knowledge is Freedom
  • Game Meadow

    Game Meadow