Market Hall

Market Hall

Within a year of its unveiling, an astonishing eight million people had visited Arno & Iris’s colourful artwork in the Markthal, more on average than the Coliseum in Rome or the pyramids of Giza in Egypt can boast. Arno & Iris created a multicoloured tableau of unprecedented size for the 40-metre-high building by the architectural firm MVRDV. With a total surface area of 11,000 square metres, “Horn of Plenty” is one of the largest works of art in the world.

High above the ground-level marketplace hangs a huge vault with a shape reminiscent of the Sistine Chapel in Rome. To cover the inside of this enormous arched ceiling, the artists created a digital image depicting vegetables, fruit, animals and architectural details, enhanced with special effects. This complex assignment required the collaboration of innovative companies and 3D experts. Arno & Iris and their team developed the concept and the design, after which Pixar, the renowned American animation studio, got to work with 3D software.

A large sun hovers at the centre of the artwork, surrounded by a vivid “still life” of vegetables and fruit. Advanced computer graphics were used to breathe new life into themes from art history. The overall composition is reminiscent of that of the Sistine Chapel, but with the sun replacing the biblical characters and fruit in place of the saints. The constant stream of pictures posted and shared via social media attests to the fact that this piece of art resonates with people of all creeds and cultures.

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Markthal animaties from Arno Coenen on Vimeo.